7 Warning Signs That You Are Not Healthy

If you have a generally unhealthy lifestyle, then you are probably aware of it. Most of us are aware that we should not put garbage in our body on every occasion, reaching for carbonated juices and completely ignoring the essential needs of our body for exercise – but, we still do it.

In doing so, we somehow manage to suppress the dull voice that responds to the background of our minds and tells us that we should break off the bad habits and be in shape.

The message may come from our consciousness or from a doctor, but we will still pretend that everything is fine. Even when they around us, friends, family or colleagues can clearly see that we are hurting ourselves.

“Unhealthy” is a rather vague term and can refer to many things. If you are overweight, you may feel that you are not healthy. The same can be true if you have too much weight or you simply have a poor diet. But the word “unhealthy” is pretty scary when there are serious concerns about our general physical and mental integrity. There are worries that we need to pay attention to, otherwise our lives can end years before time. Or, if we manage to survive, the quality of our lives could fall significantly.

So, the question is how to tell if you’re not healthy. Again, you probably already know, and people around you also know. There are also several ways in which it manifests, ways in which people can notice that you are not healthy, just by looking at you or talking to you. Or, in case you are somehow unaware that your choices are damaging to your body, these manifestations can be your reminder – they can serve you as a discovery that will open your eyes to it’s time for change. Great change.

Here are seven signs indicating that you are not healthy, and that it’s time to download something about it.

1. Bad skin

The quality of your skin is a sure way to assess the level of your general health. Certainly, some people have skin problems like acne, and are also perfectly good – but the quality of the skin may indicate that there are some major problems. The bad diet can really affect the quality of your skin, and if you notice streaks like stretch marks? It should tell you something is wrong.

2. Sleep problems

Can not sleep at night? It may be an indication that some aspects of your life need to change. Whether you eat the wrong foods, consume too much caffeine late in the day, or you do not release enough energy during the day, you can not fall asleep is a problem – which then brings other problems.

3. Problems with going to the toilet

Note the color of your urine, and even how often you go in for a big need – these two measures can give you considerable insight into your general health. And because you ask – your urine should be pale yellow – and it is desirable to be odorless. As far as the frequency of walking is in great need, there is a wide range. But as long as you go regularly, you are probably good. And do not ignore the unpleasant details in your investigation.

4. Dependent on lip balm

If your lips are cracked all the time, and you see that you can not live without a lip balm, this is one way in which your body tells you something is wrong. In particular, the condition of your lips is an indicator of the levels of vitamins in your body. If your lips are cracked, you may not receive enough vitamins – so start eating a varied diet, and get all the nutrients you need.

5. Bad nails

If the condition of your lips is not a strong indicator, the nails on your toes, both your hands and feet, you should also warn you if you are not healthy. Note if there are protruding parts, color changes and tumbles on your nails – signs that should indicate an alarm. Your nails can tell you a lot about your general health, so if something is weird, do not ignore it.

6. Body temperature variation

It is not normal for you to have ice cold feet and hands. Yes, you can play a role and factors in the environment, but if you see that your extremities are constantly cold, it may be a sign of cardiovascular problems. In particular, cold hands or feet can mean that you have problems with circulation and that your body does not receive blood where it needs to go. If this is a chronic problem, you should check it.

7. Blurred mind

It becomes quite clear that our cognitive ability and brain health are closely related to our physical condition. This means that overweight and elevated levels of body fat can have a significant impact on our ability to think and reason. This scares a little, but it’s also a field of research that promises a lot. Well, if you can not form a strong thought, it may be a sign that it’s time to weaken a little.


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