Best AddMeFast bot Review and how to make money with it is a web site where you may earn points by following different people on Twitter, Instagram, or liking their photos and posts on social networks.

When you gather factors from that, you may add your personal images and profiles so you’ll ‘pay’ for instance: 5 factors for like in your Instagram photograph.

This fashion you may get thousands and thousands of followers and likes however it will probably take you as much as 10 hours simply to get 100 likes or followers.

The way to get factors on AddmeFast very quickly?

I’ll present you greatest option to get million Instagram followers, million Fb likes or million Twitter retweets.

You’ll do that with the most effective AddmeFast bot ever, THE AddmeFast Bot.


But how can this bot assist me to get points?

You’ll purchase this bot, add your username and password from AddmeFast and this bot will generate points all day for you, passive, with out even a minute of your time.

Tell me more about this bot?

What’s so particular about this bot?

– This bot generates an average of 3000 points per one hour and that is FAST.

Believe me, I examined lot of bots on market, and that is faster than any other bot bot.

If you happen to add points with your hands you may’t add even 400 points per hour, so this bot will save you a lot of time.

However what in the event that they ban me for using bot on AddmeFast?

This bot will protect you from ban as a result of it’s made with Anti Bot-ban expertise and you’re 100% secure.

What if I use another bot or program to generate points?

This bot can offer you Proxy Assist so you may run a number of bots and you’ll not get caught.

What networks can I use to generate my points?

You can use all major Social Networks like Instagram, Youtube, Fb, Twitter…

What I like about this bot?

This bot is great looking, simple to use and user friendly bot.

It never crashed and it pump points like a hell.

It’s low cost (20$ per 30 days) and you need to use it to generate limitless points.

How a lot web page likes / IG followers / FB page likes can you get with this bot?

If you happen to generate 3000 points per hour and also you generate it for 24 hours you’ll have 72 000 points on Addmefast.

If you happen to put you site / profile / page on Addmefast and pay 6 points for 1 like or 1 follower you may get:

12 000 FB page likes, IG followers, Twitter retweets or some other exercise in only 24 hours!

That is superb and this bot is well worth the cash for certain.

How to purchase this bot?

If  want to purchase this bot go to sales page of The AddmeFast Bot.

You can select one of Three packages, month-to-month package deal (20$), quarterly package deal (50$) and yearly package deal (99$).

I’d advocate you to purchase Yearly package deal as a result of you may get it for 8$ per 30 days value and that’s superb.

You will get thousands and thousands of followers, make hundreds of and make your personal model, with only 8$ per 30 days.

Visit Official Website

How can I make money with this bot?

This bot is pure gold and you can make thousands and thousands with it.

You can build big Instagram web page and promote shoutouts.

Additionally you can also make any social network account huge, like Fb web page, Twitter profile, Pinterest account…

You can post links from your site on social networks and get tons of visitors on your site.

You can also make your company Social account big with this, so you’ll make your personal on-line brand.

How to run AddmeFast bot?

That is Program options page from The Addmefast bot and this is only place you need to visit to setup every thing and after that, you’ll be ready for points.

So right here you’ll select providers and bot will gather points from that providers solely.

You can select seconds to wait after successful or unsuccessful action ( advisable is 5 ).

Also you may add Captcha account ( you don’t need this ) and you may add new proxy address.

You can also select to skip actions that offers you lower than 3-4-5-6-x points.

Now you’ll go to your Account Settings the place you’ll add your Addmefast account Username and Password.

Additionally you’ll add your social account that you simply want to use to generate factors.

You can add Instagram, Soundcloud, Youtube, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and Fb.

It’s very easy to do, even children can do it.

That’s it. You are ready to generate some points now!

Go to Current Informations page and click on Generate points button.

And you’re done, now you can exit, you may take a nap or you may work something else while this bot collect your points.


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