Easiest Way To Collect Payment From Paypal On Your WordPress Website

Today we will show you the easiest Way To Collect Payment From Paypal On Your WordPress Website. WPForms makes it extremely easy for you to add paypal to your order form, donation forms and much more.

In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to install and use the WPForms PayPal addon in your WordPress website.

Note: To access the PayPal addon you will need a Pro-License or higher.

1. Install the WPForms PayPal Addon, and create a form:

Before we continue, make sure the WPForms plugin is enabled on your WordPress account.

After you have installed and activated WPForms, you need to install the PayPal addon as well.

Once the paypal addon is activated, we can add paypal to a form. In order to do this, you can either create a new form or edit an form on your website.

We will create an entirely new form for this example using the template for the Billing / Order Form. You can start with any type of form if you want.

Easiest Way To Collect Payment From Paypal On Your WordPress Website


The template for the Billing / Order form comes with the fields you will most likely need in a payment form. However, if you would like to have less fields, PayPal only requires one field to function properly: an item field (which may be a single item, multiple items, checkbox, or drop-down).

Even if you want more than 1 item field, PayPal does not need a “Total Amount” field to work. Having a “Total Amount” field, however, may be good for users to quickly see how much they are going to pay.

Make sure that you don’t use a Credit Card field when using PayPal. Once the form is submitted, all payment related informations will be collected on PayPal’s website.

2. Add PayPal to Your Forms

Now that you have created your form the next step is to link it to PayPal.

Go to Payments » PayPal Standard with the form builder still open. You’ll need to check the box which says “Enable PayPal Standard Payments”.

Fill out the following additional settings:

  • PayPal Email Address: your PayPal account email address, where your payments that you will receive on the website will be sent.
  • Mode: There are 2 Options
    • a) Test / Sandbox (If you want to test the settings)
    • 2) Production (If you want to make it live)
  • Payment Types: There are 3 options
    • Products.
    • Services.
    • Donations.
  • Cancel URL: If user do not complete PayPal payment and instead cancels the transaction, this is the URL to which they will be redirected.
  • Shipping: If you are shipping a product to the customer, during PayPal’s checkout process you can add to require an address field.

Additionally, the bottom of these settings includes two checkbox options.

  • The first one is “Don’t ask buyer to include a note with payment” . If you don’t need users to add a note to the checkout at PayPal, you can check this box to disable it.
  • The second checkbox allows for conditional logic. mThat is useful if you have multiple payment methods enabled and want to allow users to choose between paying in your form with Stripe or PayPal.

Once you are ready, make sure to click the “Save” button to update your settings.



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