Easiest Way To Connect Stripe With Your Payment Form

One of our most popular addons is the WPForms Stripe Addon. Stripe is the most popular online payment solution on the market, making it easy to accept online payments via credit card. Combine that with the fact that WPForms is the WordPress form plugin that is easiest and most beginner friendly, and you are just asking for success.

So let’s look at what features Stripe provides to you and to your customers!

Improvements of Form Entries in WPForms

One thing we talk about WPForms is how easy it is to handle all sorts of user-collected form entries, even those that require payments.

With Stripe’s recurring feature, WPForms want you to be able to quickly look through your form entries and know immediately which payments are recurring and which were one-time payments.

So, WPForms have introduced the recurring payment icon that appears next to any form entry that collects regular payments now.

Now that you can take recurring payments on your WordPress forms, we’ve changed how the WordPress dashboard looks in case of recurring payment entries, so you can keep handling payments with ease.

For example, you can see the amount of each payment, as well as the recurring schedule your customer chose.

You also have the option to move directly to your Stripe account, by clicking on the links available to view the following:

  • Transaction ID: Data on the actual payment received.
  • Subscription ID: Information on recurring payments.
  • Customer ID: Details about customer who made the recurring payment.

We make it as seamless as possible to switch between the WordPress dashboard and your Stripe account so that the management of customer payments is not a hassle.

Form Entry Data

In the past, WPForms would send the Entry ID to your Stripe account to view when someone submitted a payment using your form. But that detail alone is not all that useful either. So, some changes have been made. Now you can access your Stripe account and see which form was used for the recurrent payment, the Form ID, and the Entry ID.

And to make things a little more easier, they’ve included a link to your entry ID so you can easily jump to your WordPress dashboard from your Stripe account to display the entry details for the form.

One of the priority is to connect WPForms with your Stripe account in the simplest way possible. However WPForms also wanted to give you the chance to understand more about the forms that are converting, so you have more insights and generate more revenue.

Payment Settings in WPForms

Finally, we wanted to provide you with a brief overview of how the payment settings in the form builder have changed to accommodate this exciting new feature.

Before, all you had to do was allow Stripe payments, select receipt setting and enable conditional logic if you chose, when you configured your Stripe payment settings.

Now you can see additional settings to configure recurring payments to fit your needs after you allow recurrent payments.

Name your plan to begin with and pick a recurring time period. You can choose from the following options:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-yearly
  • Yearly

Next, choose Customer Email in order to allow Stripe to create a profile for customers.

And the best part of all – enable conditional logic.

You have to allow conditional logic if you want consumers to decide between one-time payments or recurring payments. When your customer chooses this option, this will activate recurring payment features.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedback in comments.

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