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Laura Bennett and Alex Krooglik began Embrace Pet Insurance in 2003, with the first policy sold in 2006. American Modern Home Insurance Company (AM Best rating of A+ as of November 2012) and American Southern Home Insurance Company in Florida (AM Best rating of A+ as of November 2012) are underwriting the pet health insurance policies for Embrace.


  • Good thing is that Embrace will cover every care plan recommended by your veterinarian. As long as your veterinarian finds it appropriate for the health of your pet, Embrace will most probably pay you back for it. This can include diagnosis, medical testing, doctor surgery, treatment, hospital insurance, follow-up care, or recovery.
  • Customer support from Embrace receives rave reviews from other parents of pets and our calls have also been handled very knowledgably.
  • Healthy Pet Deductible: Embrace appears to have a relatively new and special feature. Each year, the premium on your pet insurance policy decreases by $50 if you have no claims reimbursed.


  • While the benefits can be generous and the peace of mind great, this is expressed in the premiums you pay each month.
  • In New York pharmacy prescription coverage is a separate addition to your monthly fee.

Embrace Pet Insurance Policy & Discounts:

Embrace has one standard plan of core veterinary benefit benefits, with different coverage levels that you can choose based on your pet’s needs and budget considerations. No matter your location, there are multiple levels of annual deductibles ($200, $300, $500, $750 and $1,000) and reimbursement (70%, 80%, and 90%) to choose from. Availability of annual maximums varies by region and your method of purchase:

Discount TypeDiscount Amount
Spay & Neuter5% (only available in NY): Embrace gives pet parents discounts when a covered pet has been spayed or neutered
Multiple Pets Insured 10% in most states (5% in NY): Applied to each pet when multiple pets are covered on a policy
Active Military 5%: Active military and their spouses or partners
Annual Payment 5% (only available in NY): for lump sum paymen

Here are some examples of the veterinary benefits that Embrace will cover as part of your pet insurance plan: Doctor and Nurse Exam Fees, Laboratory Tests and Biopsies, Hospitalization and Surgery, MRI and CT scans, X-rays, Ultrasound, General, Specialist, and Emergency Care, Allergy Testing, and Alternative Treatments, including Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy incl. Hydrotherapy, Laparoscopies, and Laser Surgery.

In addition to the usual pre-existing conditions, Embrace’s standard pet insurance plans do not cover cosmetic or elective operations, deliberate injury, cremation or burial, DNA testing or cloning, organ transplants, avian flu, and breeding or pregnancy. If you participate in Wellness Rewards, DNA testing, as well as cremation or burial, would be covered.

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