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Who Needs an Email Address?

The usability of the email address is different for each person. For example, in South East Asia, they need an email address to get the online service. Some example are, you will need an email address to register into Facebook, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) service, Twitter and many more.

The other people need an email address for their business purpose. For example, our company, ColorLabs. We need an email address to collect your questions or feedback about the theme and also to reply it back. People like us (who use email addresses for business) mostly already have a website to introduce the services or products we have, and to be looked more professional, we need an email address that can promote our site.

For example, if you have a website with domain name then you can make your own email with your domain name like this one: [email protected].

As you know, those features these days already built-in when you purchase a hosting and domain. The service is called by webmail. If you bought, a large hosting space for example 1GB space and your website data is only about 200 MB, you have no worries to use the webmail service. But, how about the people who bought a small hosting space?


Many years ago, Google Mail is offering a free domain email. With this free service, you could use the benefit that GMail have and the email name is up to you. To use this service you had to configure several things such as configuring your MX Record at your CPanel.

This free domain email address is booming from the first release, even tough you can only made up to 25 email addresses, people still looking for it. But, the problem came about several years ago (if i’m not wrong, it is about 2012 or 2013), this free service was closed and changed into a paid service. For me and also for all of you, this might be the worst news we ever heard.



Not long after that, Microsoft offering the same service as Google did and the end is also the same. It was closed and return to a paid service.

The question now is, are there any free email provider that give us a choice to use our domain as the address?

At this post, we are going to tell you that there are some companies that still giving you a free domain email address like Google and Microsoft did.


Zoho Mail

Maybe this is a little bit strange for you who always play with Google Mail or Yahoo Mail. But believe me if you can trust them to be your custom email domain provider.

The Free plan comes with 10 free users or mailboxes of 5GB storage each. When you are in need of more than 10 users, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan wherein, all user mailboxes will be upgraded to the higher, paid plan storage along with additional features. So, you will have to pay for all users, including the 10 existing users.

At their free service, you can register up to 1 custom domain for your email address. You can check the details about their great deals at


This email provider is quite different than the other, the free service is come with a trial for 60 days. But, you can still have a free email with a custom domain within the trial time.

You can upgrade to a paid plan at any point during your 60-days trial. If you do not pay by the time your trial expired, your ability to send email is suspended. A week or so later, access to the account is disabled and eventually, if no plan is paid for, the entire account will be deleted, including all stored messages.

You can check the details about their service at


The other custom domain email provider is Pobox. Pobox is about the same as FastMail that coming with a free trial for 30 days.

Pobox helps you keep your email address for life. We believe in personal domains for everyone (but you can use one of ours, too.)

You can check the details about their service at



The last custom domain email provider is RackSpace. RackSpace offering a free trial for 14 days with the premium Microsoft services to boost up your business.

Your first 14 days are free! No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime with one click.

You can check the details about their service at


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