How to Import WPForms Leads In Salesforce (CRM)

Today, we are delighted to announce the brand new WPForms Salesforce add-on! We will show you how to import WPForms Leads in Salesforce.

The Salesforce addon will let you submit form entries to Salesforce CRM automatically from WPForms.

Goodbye, manual admin. Hi, Automation!

This addon would be a game-changer if you’ve been copying data from your WPForm to Salesforce.

And you will also be saving money because then you won’t have to pay for a service like Zapier to connect WordPress to Salesforce

Let ‘s take a look at how it works.

How to Import WPForms Leads In Salesforce

Creating Salesforce Objects Automatically

Do you want to create objects when the forms are submitted to Salesforce? It’s pretty quick to do that now, and in WPForms it’s all done automatically.

All you need to do is choose the object that you want to create in your form settings, like this:

How to Import WPForms Leads In Salesforce

For example, from each submission, you might create a new lead, or use an internal form to easily add new Salesforce accounts.

The prospects here are infinite. You can find so many ways to make your workflow smoother and more effective once you start using the addon.

You’ll just need to map the fields in your form to the fields in Salesforce after you’ve selected the object you want to create.

And if you want to control which entries are being submitted to Salesforce, you can use Conditional Logic.

And it is that! Your form entries are now going to be submitted to Salesforce.

When you receive new entries, no more copying and pasting contact details in Salesforce!

Using Any other WordPress Forms with Salesforce WordPress

With WPForms, any form can be connected to Salesforce CRM, and if you need to, you can also add more than one Salesforce accounts.

This flexibility allows you full control of where the information is saved. Behind the scenes, to submit your form entries safely, we use the Salesforce API. Check our Salesforce addon documentation if you need more information.

Get Started With Salesforce and WPForms

WPForms Elite customers now have the Salesforce addon available. Are you ready to begin?

Get the best contact form plugin of WordPress in the world and instal the Salesforce addon today on your site.

Thank you for your continued support from all of us in the WPForms team! We hope that you like this new functionality that we have added to WPForms.

And your reviews and suggestions can be submitted to us at any time.

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