How To Mine Testnet Garlicoin On Windows With An Nvidia GPU

You’ve probably heard of the legendary Dogecoin, but have you heard of Garlicoin? With similar origins of being an internet meme, Garlicoin was spawned on the social networking site Reddit, and has since exploded in popularity. With the cryptocurrency set to launch on a mainnet on January 21, we thought it’d be a good idea to help you get started mining on the testnet. That way, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running as soon as Garlicoin officially launches.

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What is Garlicoin?

Garlicoin is a cryptocurrency that’s forked from Litecoin. According to its developers, it will be “decentralized” and will have a total supply of 69 million coins. The developers plan to incorporate it into their game Garlic Bread Dating Simulator, in which you’ll be able to buy the fan pack with garlicoin. On top of that, the developers are also in talk with a few smaller online stores to start accepting the currency.

Garlicoin will be issued in two ways. Firstly, anyone who’s subscribed to the Garlicoin subreddit will be given some coins. Secondly, the cryptocurrency will be mineable on launch. If you want diversify your prized Dogecoin portfolio, you’ll be able to start trading/" 208455 rel="nofollow" target="_self">trading Garlicoin as soon as it’s released on exchanges, which shouldn’t be too long after the coin launches on the 21st.

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Get a Wallet

There are already a couple wallet providers for Garlicoin, including Breadbox and Toaster Oven.

Toaster Oven

To set up a wallet on Toaster Oven, hit the Create account button to get started.

Next, it’ll ask you to enter an email address and password. Complete the fields, then select the Signup button.

You should then see the following welcome screen:

Congratulations! You just created a wallet on Toaster Oven, in just a couple clicks.


Breadbox is another fantastic choice. You’ll also notice that it doesn’t require you to enter an email address, but instead provides 2 Factor Authentication option. To get started, simply enter fill out the require fields in the …or create a new account: section and click the Sign Up button.

Now that your account is created, you’ll need to generate a new address. Click the Get a new address button to do so.

You should now see that an address has been created and added to your wallet:

Congratulations, you just created a wallet on Breadbox!

Garlicoin Binaries

You’ll now need to download the Garlicoin binaries, so that yacminer (which you’ll later download) knows that you’re attempting to Garlicoin, instead of some other cryptocurrency. To go ahead and download the binaries, click here. After your download has finished, right click the file and select Extract All… The extraction destination will default to your Downloads folder. If you wish to extract the files elsewhere, hit the Browse… button. You can extract the files anywhere, as long as you remember the file location for when we setup yacminer. Once you’ve chosen a destination, select the Extract button.

Setup ccminer

Although there are a few different Garlicoin miners, ccminer fully supports CUDA, allowing for the best Nvidia GPU performance.


To download ccminer, click here. This download only supports 64-bit Windows 10. If you don’t have a 64-bit machine, then I recommend not following this guide any further, as you probably shouldn’t be mining. If you still want to try out mining on your 32-bit machine, click here and download the ccminer-x86 latest release. Extract these files anywhere, like you did with the file in the previous step.

Creating a batch file

You’ll need to create a batch file. What this will do is allow you to run commands within the Command Line without having to manually type these commands each time, in order to start ccminer with the correct options. Navigate to the extracted ccminer folder, Right-click, hover over New, and select Text file. Rename the file RUN-GRLC.bat. Right-click the .bat file and select Edit to open it in Notepad.

Although there are multiple pools, the most historically stable pool has been, so we’ll connect to it by typing the following command into the text file:

ccminer-x64 –algo=scrypt:11 -o stratum+tcp:// -u n4KDAVtfgsQ7o4x1DsW69PQT7J38U5Bf7G -listen


Replace the n4KDAVtfgsQ7o4x1DsW69PQT7J38U5Bf7G in the above command with your own wallet address. We’ve discovered how to find and generate a wallet address with Breadbox. However, with Toaster Oven, your wallet address is already generated. To find it, select the Wallet tab.

You will then see your wallet address clearly printed in the My Addresses section. Unlike Breadbox, there isn’t a need to generate an address, for one is already generated for you.

If you used Breadbox to create a wallet, you’ll recall that you generated your wallet address.

Once you’ve swapped in your wallet address, save the .bat file.

Connecting to the Testnet and Starting the Miner

Finally, open up a command prompt, by searching cmd in the start menu and pressing enter. You’ll need to change your current working directory to that of your garlicoinbinaries-1-12-18 folder, established in the Garlicoin Binaries section of this guide. If you left this to the default location, the file path will be C:UsersYourUsernameDownloadsgarlicoinbinaries-1-12-18garlicoinbinaries-1-12-18. To copy the file path of your folder, simply right-click the garlicoinbinaries-1-12-18 folder, select properties, and copy the file path listed.

You’ll notice that the file path may have two folders with the same name of garlicoinbinaries-1-12-18. This is because the extracted folder contains the same name as the actual folder you want to switch directories into. Be aware of this when entering your file path as to not stop short of entering the correct directory.

Once you have your file path copied to your clipboard, type the following command into the command prompt, pasting in your own file path after cd:

cd C:/Your/File/Path/

Then, enter the following command to connect to the current test server:

garlicoind -testnet -connect=

When Garlicoin launches on the mainnet on January 21st, all you need to do to start mining again is replace the server IP address with that of the release server. You must keep this command line open as you mine, else you’ll lose connection to the test server.

With the command line open, all that’s left to do is double-click the run batch file you encountered in the Edit the run.bat File section of this guide. You’re now officially mining on the Garlicoin testnet!

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