Top 10 Exercises For Legs- Thursday

1. Squat (High And Low Bar)

Squats are king because they’re simply the most challenging leg movement you can do, especially when loaded appropriately. They work all the lower-body musculature (we’re counting glutes), and have been shown to spike muscle-building hormone release. In fact, we even know that squatting before doing curls has been shown to significantly improve arm strength!

2. Leg Press

For those of you hoping leg presses could replace squats in your leg workout, the divide between the two movements can’t be overstated. Because the leg press recruits less muscle mass than squats, it simply doesn’t generate the same degree of testosterone release. Nor is the body position here particularly functional, unless your log cabin collapses and your only way out is pushing the timber forward.

3. Seated Dumbbell Calf Raise

You’ll need both a weight plate and a dumbbell for this one. Here we go:

  • Place the weight plate on the floor
  • Sit at the end of a bench and rest your toes on top of the weight plate
  • Put a dumbbell on your knee, holding the handle with your right hand while your left hand holds the top
  • Raise your toes as high as you can without lifting them off the plate
  • Hold for a moment, lower your toes, and repeat

4. Jumping Jacks

As it turns out, this fitness classic is also one of the best calf exercises you can perform. Here’s a refresher:

  • Stand upright with your feet together and your arms at your sides
  • Simultaneously jump and spread your legs while clapping your hands above your head
  • Jump again as you return to the starting position
  • Repeat


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