Top 4 best GPUs for a ZCash/ZClassic mining rig

With mining popularity skyrocketing and shortages of GPUs becoming more prevalent, it’s become especially difficult to choose the right cards for your rig. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of top performing graphics cards for ZCash/ZClassic mining that we think are still worth their current price. Please note that many popular cards, such as the GTX 1070, have been omitted from this list, due to inflated prices that make the card no longer worth mining with.

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Best GPUs for mining ZCash/ZClassic

R9 Nano

Hash rate: 445 Sol/s | TDP: 240W | Base clock: 1000MHz | Memory clock: 500MHz

A previously popular home theater PC card, the R9 Nano has aged quite a bit. However, that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t have a niche. This classic AMD GPU has an impressive 445 sol/s. The only downside, however, is its efficiency. The R9 is power hungry at a whopping 240W, which is a measly 10W difference between it and the Titan X (pascal).

However, you’ll be saving quite a pretty penny, as you can buy a used R9 Nano off of Amazon for about $500.00 USD at the time this article was written, while any other card that comes close has an inflated price tag due to prolonged shortages. With an assumed electricity cost of $0.58 USD, you’re looking at 35% profitability in 7 days. Being a used card at a decent price point, this card’s a great way to get your foot through the door of mining.

Where to buy: Amazon

Saphire Radeon Nitro R9 Fury

Hash rate: 455 Sol/s (with memory clock boosted to 1000MHz) | TDP: 260W | Base clock: 1000MHz | Memory clock: 500MHz

Significantly the least efficient on this list, the Sapphire Nitro R9 Fury still manages to pull an impressive hash rate for its price. It’s easily possible to overclock the memory speed to 1000MHz, offering a hash rate of 455 sol/s. At an assumed power cost of $0.62 USD, you can expect a profitability of 82% in 7 days. However, with a difference of only 10 sol/s, you’re probably better off getting the R9 Nano, assuming it’s still in stock.

Where to buy: Amazon


Hash rate: 600 Sol/s | TDP: 215W | Base clock: 1721MHz | Memory clock: 10010MHz (effective)

With a hash rate of around 600 sol/s, the GTX 1080 FTW2 Gaming makes an excellent addition to any hobbyist’s mining rig. Given its high hash rate, a TDP of 215W isn’t terribly efficient, but it’s certainly more efficient than cards such as the R9 Nano. With an assumed electricity cost of $0.52 USD a day, you’re looking at 47% profitability in 7 days. That’s a 12% increase in profitability from the R9 Nano. If you’re an expert hobbyist who wants to make an impressive profit, this card’s your best bet.

Where to buy: Amazon

Nvidia Titan X (Pascal)

Hash rate: 810 Sol/s | TDP: 250W | Base clock: 1417MHz | Memory clock: 10Gbps (effective)

Although it’s not the most efficient, the Titan X (Pascal) is an absolute monster of a card with a whopping 810 sol/s. Although the GPU starts with a boost clock of 1531MHz, many have reported it possible to overclock to 1985MHz, making such a hash rate possible. With a 250W TDP and assumed electricity cost of $0.60 USD daily, it is reasonable to expect a profitability of 153% in 7 days. If you’re a professional GPU miner who wants the most profit possible, especially in a market filled with inflated GPU prices, this card’s for you. Also worth looking at the Star Wars edition, which is currently cheaper.

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