Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners

There is a good news for wine lovers. To enjoy a wine tasting, you don’t need to know a thing about tannins, acids, or vintage years. To enjoy yourself, the first rule is to throw out all the rules you think you need to know in order to enjoy a taste experience. Wine is what it is made of by the drinker, and the tastes of each are different. In order to enjoy a wine tasting, here are six easy steps, even if you are unsure whether to swish and spit or drink the whole bottle.

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  1. Tanning & Sniffing: It’s like a scratch & sniff sticker, but better. The wine should be whirled in your glass and then noseed down to the edge before tasting and inhale deeply. The swirling activity permits the entry and scent of oxygen into the wine. And while items like the “essence of the oak” in the bouquet can not be identified by you, your sense of smell plays an enormous role in your taste sense. Before tasting a good whiff of the wine, the palate is primed for the flavours.
  2. Swish & Spit or Swallow? This may be the most common issue about wine tasting. It came from the desire to be sober during the whole tasting process that you should take the wine in your mouth and then spit it out. Obviously, if you drink a full five glasses of wine (or more!), your decision-making process would depend heavily on one which you preferred. But today most wineries sell smaller portions, typically just two or three ounces, for their tastes and the odds of poisoning are very small. Take the wine into your mouth, let it swim and dance around the tongue as you think of the aromas, then swallow it. Or spit it out Or spit it out. It is your preference, and they are both absolutely appropriate. Hate the wine? Fill in the spittoon bucket with the remainder of the sample. This is also appropriate and normal during tasting. You can’t expect to like them all, right?
  3. Ask Questions. Some may know the names of famous wine regions and amazing grape blends. most of them are not going to, but both of them are all right. You should pause and ask for clarification if you feel like a wine steward speaks French as they rattle the wineyard names, grape varieties or flavours you should be searching for. Wine makers love to talk and sometimes forget that not everyone knows their jargon. If you want to research a little before you have a tasting menu, look at the known fields. Some grape varieties, such as Chardonnay, take on the characteristics of the soil where it is grown, so a Chardonnay may be well-known in a region known for the production of Chardonnay. A quick search by Google should be enough.
  4. Build a Budget: The cost of a wine tasting vary greatly. They can range from complimentary to up to $50 per tasting. Before deciding which wineries you’ll visit, it’s never a bad idea to inquire about the costs – and what is included in this expense. It is considered polite to buy a bottle at the end of the taste if you had good experience.
  5. Take Notes: It is unreal that anyone can recall in such a short window of time all the specifics of the five wines considered. That’s what no one expects you to do. At the beginning of your experience, it is ok to ask for a pen and paper (many will also provide it without prompting) so that you can make notes as you are tasting. When it comes to notes, there is no “right or wrong.” “Raspberry notes” are just as appropriate to write “yuck” as to write. The notes are used to help you remember what you enjoyed, what you did not like and why.
  6. During your experience don’t just consume wineBoth to clear your mouth and keep you hydrated as well as to eat small bites should be drinking water between tastings. Most wineries may supply a cheese board or nuts, but if not, please be sure to ask if you can order one. It enhances the wine’s flavour and keeps you relaxed.

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